Wednesday, January 13, 2010

They're Back..... I Love KITH

So last night was the premiere of the new KITH series Death Comes to Town. I will admit I wasn't stoked for it, because it wasn't the traditional sketch comedy that I was used to from them... but I laughed so hard last night. It was like going back in time to Friday nights when I used to watch KITH before going out for a night with my friends. There were so many funny parts, that I had to call Grant, and Haley, and Catherine, and my sister Janelle and tell all of them to watch. I loved it.
The only sad thing is it is only a six week series. Then what will I do?
Needless to say.... Late Night with Heather Weather (a risque late night weather report), and the ease at which someone can get a fur coat, "Find it, skin it, sew it wear it..." were the highlights.
Thanks CBC!

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Martha said...

I was a bit of a skeptic to watch it too but it was hilarious. I'm bummed it's only 6 weeks, I didn't know that.