Monday, May 10, 2010

10 Randoms about 10 moms I know

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and for me, it was one of the best ones I have had. I am very spoiled. I have a husband who will allow me to sleep in, get the kids ready for their day, who will cook supper, bath the kids and put them to bed. When Grant is home, many of the days feel like Mother's Day. But there are many more mother;s out there who do a great job for different reasons. This is my list of 10 moms who have impressed me in some way.

1. My mom. She raised three daughters. Not on her own. My dad was there... but he was also rarely there (ah the life of a farmer...) And she worked. And she made time for herself. And despite all that, we always knew we were first in her life. And still are.

2. Grant's mom (get up off the floor Tara...). Joanne and I don't have the best MIL/DIL relationship, but that doesn't mean I don't respect all that she gave up for her kids. Her husband died when Grant was two. She didn't remarry, she didn't give up her kids to her inlaws for life insurance money, she didn't put herself first. She raised her two kids all on her own. She packed up and left her life in BC to come back home, and if she hadn't, I would never have met my husband.

3. My sister Nicole. She is in the same boat as I am. Her husband works away most of the time, but she makes it look easy. She does Mommy group. She bakes cookies, and cooks amazing meals for supper. She uses cloth diapers.....She rocks.

4. My friend Jenn. She is a single mom. Not by choice. Her son's dad decided he didn't really want to be a dad anymore, and that means that Jenn gets to be both most days. And she does a fantastic job. Her son is adorable, and kind, and helpful. And all of that is because of her. I think if I was single parenting, I would be angry and bitter. But she isn't. She loves Jonah more than anything else in her world, and I know because her face lights up when she talks about him, or sees him. That is true love.

5. Tara. You know the first of your friends to have a baby, and therefore has that much more experience than you. That is Tara for me. She was the first of my friends to have a kid when we weren't there yet. She has always known that she wants to be a mom, and I honestly believe that mothering was her call. She loves her kids.... loves loves loves them. She volunteers, she throws extravagent birthdays, she cleans their fish tanks, she re-dyes her pants so that she doesn't spend the money on clothes for herself, and therefore has more for her kids. She is amazing.

6. Haley.... you know, for a youngin' she does a pretty bang up job on parenting. I just watch her with Miles, and she sets such a good example for him. She insists on manners from him, and he is also a very affectionate kid. He loves his new little sister... and that is a good thing. Haley also isn't afraid to ask questions. In a world where we don't want to look like we don't have all the answers, Haley recognizes that she doesn't and will ask for advice when she needs it.

7. Kacey. 30 with four kids..... and a job. And a husband who, until recently worked away a lot of the time. And she has great kids. She has it together. And I am jealous. And that is all I have to say about her..... she is a very remarkable woman, and I hope that some of her rubs off on me. (I am sure my kids hope that too.....)

8. My neighbor Amy. She isn't a mom. Yet. They have struggled with infertility, and I feel awful for her. She would be an amazing mom, and I know that one way or another, she will get her child, and be the mom that the rest of us strive to be.

9. My friend Jennifer, who I met through Crop 4 Kids. And the reason I met her there, was because she organized it. And the reason she organized it, is because all three of her kids have spent more than their fair share of time in the Alberta Children's Hospital. And Jennifer wanted to give back. I think any parent who has spent time in emerg, or in the hospital knows how hard it is, and I can't imagine having to do it with all of them.... You are such a strong woman Jennifer.

10. I have many more amazing mom friends, so my last random is for all of them. They know who they are. And if you are reading this and think I may be talking about you, you are right.

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