Monday, May 3, 2010

My Baby Girl is Five Today

(Avery at one day old)

I know a lot of people don't see me as the sentimental type, but as I am sitting here writing this, I have a tear spilling down my cheek as I think about what this girl has done in the last five years. Not only for herself, but for me, and for our family. She has brought sunshine and love into my life. She makes me laugh daily. She really does say the funniest things. She sees things from a five year old set of eyes, and that makes me rethink how I see things too. I wish life were as easy for adults as it is for a five year old child.... wouldn't that be amazing? She is bright. Very, very bright. And she wants that for others. She is adamant that she teaches Cohen to potty train, his alphabet, the size of a stegosaurus' brain, how to hold his fork. She also drives me crazy. She knows how to push my buttons, and she will.... and I know that I need to embrace the bad along with the good, because these last five years have flown by, and in no time, she won't be here anymore..... (There goes another tear....)
So, my dear, sweet Wave.... Happy Fifth Birthday. I love you!

(Avery 4 years and 364 days old)


Shannon said...

When it comes to our children, no woman can hit this milestones with out tears .....

Kitchen Utensil said...

Oh my there is a heart in there... Happy Birthday Wave!