Sunday, May 2, 2010

10 Randoms ..... Before I Was a Mom

It is Avery's fifth birthday tomorrow. It is so very hard to me to believe that five years and two days ago I wasn't a mom. That five years and two days ago, I was still just a wife. These five years have been the hardest and most rewarding years of my life, but there are things from my "before" life that I miss.....
1. Doing whatever I wanted.
2. Whenever I wanted.
3. Having a disposable income to spend on stuff like clothes, shoes, candles, lotion, and other things just for me.........
4. Time alone with Grant. We get a little, but it never seems like enough.
5. Five years ago, our friends didn't have kids either. And we spent a lot more time with them too.
6. Scrapbooking. Although I had considerably less to scrapbook about, I had more time and money to do it!
7. Watching my shows in the middle of the afternoon! Who knew one TV would put an end to Oprah, and a lifetime of Treehouse and Disney movies???
8. Traveling. Although Grant and I didn't do a ton of it, and never went anywhere too exotic, we still made sure we went on a vacation at least once a year. We can't afford that anymore.
9. Work. I miss having my own classroom. I miss having my own class. I miss staffroom conversations.
10. I miss who I used to be. (I don't mean that to sound depressing, sad, or resentful. I love who I am now, and love love love my kids, but sometimes I wonder if we didn't jump into this parenthood thing a little too quickly....)

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Shannon said...

What a beautiful picture of you when you were pregnant ... you were one of those glowing women that I hated when I was pregnant ...... I was the pukey, green looking kind. My biggest before I was a Mom items are #1 and #2 ..... much harder to just pick up and go like I used too but like you I wouldn't change a thing ... I love my little Hailey.

p.s. Happy 5th Birthday to Avery!