Sunday, May 23, 2010

10 Randoms.... May Long Then.... May Long Now....

Ah.... May Long Weekend. It is here. It is the first long weekend of the summer... the first of the camping season. And so much has changed for me when I think what it used to mean, versus what it means now....

May Long Used to Mean:
1) Skipping school on Friday to get a good start on the party
2) Downing enough "liquid courage" to make new friends with the neighbors camped next door. (okay... who I am kidding... all I really needed was to see the neighbors next door, and I was gone from my site, and over at theirs)
3) Wandering around from campsite to campsite hoping to find your own campsite
4) partying all night, and sleeping most of the day
5) a new repertiore of stories that would last until Grad weekend.....

May Long Now Means:
1) Knowing the weather is very likely not going to cooperate, and one is therefore wise to stay home if one likes dryness, or warmth, or a combination of both
2) Not venturing too far, because Grant is likely still farming (although this year, he was done early!!!!)
3) Planting a garden. I love eating the stuff that I grew... and cared for. Somehow it just tastes better.
4) Work of some sort... be it photographing a wedding, helping at a branding, rototilling the MIL's garden, fixing helicopters in some remote part of this country...... it has all been done on recent MLWs
5) Reminiscing with friends about MLWs gone by... the people you met, the places you woke up, the poor choices you made, all of the good things about being young.....

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