Friday, May 14, 2010

Free Filters!

I am testing the waters again. I miss being a photographer. And, I have discovered, that in doing it on my own, versus for a boss, I get to do what I want. I like that.I have also noticed that a lot of what is out there on the internet isn't necessarily posed really well, (I am a stickler for hands, head tilts, and no crotch shots...), but the focus is on the editing. I think that if I could master both, I might get a more solid grasp on both what I want (a solid, stand on its own image) and what the customer wants (something cool to look at).So I found some free photoshop filters online yesterday. And I love them! I like the idea of free, that is something I can afford right now! And I also like the different filters that were included.... So this is a picture I took of Avery on Sunday while we were out in the yard repairing fence for our two new heifers. And this is with a grunge filter and vignetting. Love it.
And here is another one from Sunday. I walked into our yard from the north side of the barn, ( a place I rarely go.....) and this is what I saw. I loved it just how it was, but why not play around with it too! So this is the original.... And this is after I applied an old photo filter to it.... I love that I can manipulate the damage of the photo, and play around with edges and borders. Too cool....



Carol T said...

Love these. The tricycle one is gorgeous, especially with the filter.

kaly said...

These are great, Kim! But you didn't include the site where you got the filters! I would love to know. The Totally Rad filters are totally cool, but also totally out of my price range.