Friday, March 16, 2012

Clash of the Cultures

Thursday night was the 71st Irish Concert in Champion. It was a fundraiser for our local library, and there was a bunch of local talent. Avery, and six other girls from Champion danced their Highland last night. Yes, Highland Dance is Scottish. No, Scots aren't Irish. Yes, they have a history of dislike for each other.
 Regardless, the girls danced, and they all did an amazing job. We are so very fortunate to have an excellent, patient, and talented dance instructor so close by. Highland was one of the dances that I never learned when I did take dance as a kid, and I always wanted to. It is a pricey thing to do though! I just looked at getting Avery some hose to match her kiltie, and they were $199 a pair. I think we will stick with the white knee highs from WalMart for a while!
Avery just did her dance exams at the beginning of March, and she has now passed all of her Tiny Tot levels. I am so proud of the growth I have seen in her since last year, the confidence she has gained, and her enthusiasm for the dance itself. Curling is a big deal in our house, and for February and March we have watched quite a bit of it. Whenever the curlers come out on the ice, they are accompanied by bagpipes. Avery always takes this as her cue to dance. She also asked me to download her a bunch of bagpipe music to listen to on her Shuffle so she "can practice in her head".
love love love this kid!

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