Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Green thumb

My friend Chris owns a greenhouse. She opened last year, and had a great year. She has already been hard at it with many of the seeds she planted already growing. She has over 600 hanging baskets waiting to bloom. It is so exciting to go in there. I can't wait for everything to be in full bloom. It is going to look amazing. Chris also has an interest in photography, and so she and I have been trading knowledge back and forth. A couple of weeks ago, she helped me with the figure skating pictures I was taking. She handled all of the orders, and also helped with lighting and metering. I told her I would trade her hours in her greenhouse for her hours there.
On Monday I went there to help her. I got to transplant a bunch of little annuals. It was so very therapeutic. I loved having my hands in the dirt. I loved knowing that I was giving these plants the chance to continue to grow and blossom into something that is going to give someone else joy. I loved the smell of the plants, the dirt,  even the fertilizer. About half way through the day Chris asked if I wanted to work for her. I gladly accepted. I like the idea of not paying for therapy, and getting paid for it! I go back again tomorrow. I planted close to 60 hanging baskets today, and I think I am going to do at least that much tomorrow. And I am excited.

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AlishaHB said...

I can't wait to go there and make my yard look almost presentable!