Thursday, March 15, 2012

more pinterest inspiration

first let me apologize for the quality of the photo. it is a good old instagram one... i kinda love instagram, but it isn't the greatest for web stuff, you know, like on your blog.....
tomorrow is green day at school, and from what i understand, there is a sneaky little leprechaun running around avery's classroom. they have set their traps and hope to catch him tomorrow. i promised a rainbow to distract him. this is the rainbow. :) 
they have also just finished up their color unit in science, and were talking about roy g biv, and all the colors of the rainbow, so this is perfect. i was tempted to make upside down leprechaun cookies, but i for one don't like sugar cookies, two, i think icing a bunch of leprechauns would make me insane, and three, the kids in her class need more fruit. we all do, for that matter, but i thought rainbow fruit is much better than sugar cookies. 
tonight was also the irish concert in town. my little monkey danced like a highland pro.... i will post about that tomorrow.
look at me! back to blogging! who knew?

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kaly said...

These look awesome!!! How fun!