Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Going Home

I have been at my parent's house since Saturday, and am heading home today. I have to sub tomorrow so I should try and make it home at a decent time...
While I was here I got so much scrapbooking done. I am not sure how... my mom worked the whole time I was here, and my dad; well, let's just say he isn't the most helpful in the kid department.
Anyhoo, I got my July and August MNC calendar kits done, plus a layout that I am designing for MNC done, and two of my own layouts!
I will post these when I get home, because the scrapbooker in me left my camera at home.

The exciting thing about this trip was that I went to my grandparent's old house in Red Deer to take a picture. I am doing a mini album of the places where my parents and I lived when I was younger. Anyhoo, part of me thought the house would be the same, and part of me was excited to see if the new owners had made any changes. (My grandparents moved out in 1981, so I would think something would be done.)
There were major changes... new siding and shingles, a new mini addition on one side. The garden is gone, the back porch is gone... but the trees in the front yard are so big! And the park across the street... there is a hill in the middle of this big green space. The hill used to be so big. Not now. It is funny to go back and reminisce on your childhood.
Now I just need to get an updated picture of the old farm house. We found some old slides of when it was first built, so that is cool, but dad thinks that I shouldn't just drive into someone's yard, snap a picture and leave.
we'll see!

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