Sunday, June 22, 2008

June Layout #11 (from the weekend)

(double click to enlarge)
I LOVE this picture of Avery. It looks so fake. And she isn't the most photogenic child on the planet, so to get an awesome smile, and a candid shot made me really happy. So happy that this was one of the first pages I did this weekend.

I also like that I used white cardstock. I never use white. I find it too crisp and clean. I like distressed papers so much better. But it goes so well. And I love that I got to use girly stuff. I haven't done girly pages in so long, that it felt really good to pull out flowers and hearts, and pink, pink, pink.

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Martha said...

Kudos for doing a layout of yourself. It's beautiful. All too often we put our heart and soul into our scrapbooking, but forget to sometimes leave our face.

I hate to check out your blog today because I was so ticked I wasn't able to make it to the crop this weekend. I'll be there next time for sure.