Friday, June 13, 2008

I've Been Scrapping!

First I need to calm my fears about Haley. Turns out she wasn't induced on Wednesday, but rather today. So I don't need to press any panic buttons!

So today I finished two design layouts for Monday Night Class, as well as did a two page spread of an 11x14 of Grant and Avery in the swath from last year's harvest. And I finally did the layout of our new family when Cohen finally came home. A year later isn't that bad is it???
So this is the family layout. Simple - but old stuff!
Ghost shapes were old, We R eylets were a Christmas gift, the paper was for another project that surprise, surprise I found something different for, and the corner accenty thing is the only new thing. I just got the Home Accents Cricut cartridge (specifically for the bird design) and loved this little thingy. (and I fixed the "e" in the title so it isn't so crooked ;)

thanks for stopping!

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