Monday, June 30, 2008

my take on this kit

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this is a kit that Christy from Monday Night Class taught over a week ago at Paper Pastimes. (The original can be found on the Monday Night Class website under classes: She had a few leftovers, and so I greedily snapped it up! when I got it home, I wasn't quite sure what pictures I would put on it, but I really liked the paper (in fact I have some of the same stuff in my stash...) and wanted to get a quick layout done. I changed some things up a bit to accomodate what I finally decided would go on the page.

You know the whole "The Secret" craze? and the idea of making your dreams something visual that you can look at often to remind you what you are striving for? well, I am not sure that I buy into all of that, but I decided to do a layout of the things that Grant and I dream about. I will include a family picture that was recently taken at the Calgary Zoo, a floor plan for our "dream house", I think a picture of Champion School, because I really hope my kids have the opportunity to go there, Money - (that is Grant's idea. i don't even know where to get the money to take a picture of it! ;), and I still need to think of some other possibilities.

So that is my Dream page.


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kacey said...

thank you...

i always like to get inspiration from blogs, and honestly and for real i think your great *right in the middle of typing this my daughter just puked everywhere* completely lost my train of thought... i'm sure it was amazing what ever it was!