Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I seriously don't know what to do...

is it possible for a three year old to suffer from anxiety disorders?
My daughter worries all the time. seriously. all the time. the majority of her concerns center around wind, which for those of you who know southern Alberta, know that I live in a windy part of the world. She honestly freaks out. screaming, crying, yelling, hiding. It is a part of my daily life now. Last night she was worried that the wind was going to come into the house and blow her supper off of the table. we went to the spray park yesterday, and she couldn't have unhibited fun because she was worried that her arm band would fall off and blow away. I have no idea how to calm her down. She is completely inconsolable, and nothing helps. is it normal for a preschooler to have such irrational fears? this seriously came out of nowhere. (at least that is how I feel. I know that something must have triggered it, but how to fix it...)
If anyone has any insight, I would LOVE your suggestions!

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