Saturday, July 12, 2008

a year has passed.

this was Cohen a year ago. He had pneumothorax (??) and had to be intabated for the first day and a half of his life. He spent eight days in the NICU, and it was honestly the scariest time of my life.

There was a time that we didn't think that he would live to see his first week, let alone his first birthday. But that time has come. My baby is one year old.

I am a little sad about it all. I know that he is my last, and therefore the last baby that I will hold as my own, the last baby that will be all mine, the last baby that will let me smother him in kisses (I know that will end all too soon as well). I am thrilled that he is happy and healthy, but a part of me would do anything to keep him as a baby. My baby.

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Michelle said...

I'm sorry to read that your son had such difficulties. Happy Birthday to him and I am so happy that he's doing fine now.