Sunday, July 27, 2008

I've Been Shopping!!!

So.... my cousin's son got married in Drayton Valley this weekend, and I was super pumped to go to the wedding. There are three - count 'em - three scrapbook stores there! (and I was happy for him and his new bride as well)

I went on a little bit of a tear between the ceremony and the reception. I got to the first store at 3:50 - it was supposed to close at 4, but it was already closed. Too bad. The sign in the window said everything was 30% off. The second one I went to is a relatively new store that is huge in terms of square footage, and has a lot of stuff I haven't seen anywhere else. I got some wicked cool paper there - but the owner said that by the time she went to place a second order with the company, they had already shut down.
The last store was having their Christmas in July sale...and the whole store was 40% off... yeah - saweeeeeet!
And the other cool thing about this little joint was they had a ton of John Deere stuff so that I can go all out for Cohen's birthday layout (and maybe I will finish that harvest one of Grant as well), and they had the Coredinations cardstock. Super cool, and it was super cheap... Needless to say - if the clean scrapbook room didn't inspire me, the shopping spree certainly did.

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Kacey said...

So the wedding i went to was in barrhead... we were in the same woods...
too funny we should have met you at west ed...