Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And so it begins...... or ends??

Cohen turned three yesterday.... so, of course I am hoping and praying this means the end of the terrible twos, and on to the thrilling threes. I clearly made up thrilling threes. Everyone is telling me they are the trying, or torturous, or temperamental threes.... but I am hoping that Cohen proves everyone, including me, wrong and has a year filled with happiness, and getting along with his sister-ness, and kindness......A girl can dream can't she?
And speaking of dreaming.... I think my dear Haley may come over today to scrap! I haven't scrapbooked since May 1. Not for myself anyway. Not in a real way. And by real, I mean more than a page a month...... so, I hope that the weather stays crappy, that swimming lessons are cancelled, and we spend the day laughing, and scrapping, and eating licorice.....
A girl can dream can't she? Oh, wait... I already said that.

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