Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday for real!

Cohen's birthday was actually Monday. I had a funeral to go to, so cancelled his party. Then Tuesday was f-f-f-freezing, so I cancelled his party. Wednesday wasn't much better, so we held off one more day, but yesterday..... it was a perfect day for a party at the spray park. And, so it was. Cohen had asked for a Christmas tree birthday cake, so that is what he got..... no clue why, but who am I to argue with a three year old? (Mostly because it will get you nowhere...) And, equally as fortunate, most of my friends are flexible enough to work around a rapidly changing party plan. Kacey and her kiddos were the only ones who couldn't make it, and they really were missed. The good news is, I know there will be a million more days at the spray park with the Brownings, so I'm cool with her working.... ;)
When I got home, I got the kids a sitter, and went into town to the pool. They have started a weekly AquaMax aerobics program, which is a little more boot campy than the morning aerobics class.... I was sooooorrrre last night... so sore... but the good sore you know? Anyhoo, today isn't bad. I am looking forward to next week!
Today is also the last day of swimming lessons for my kids, and then we are headed up to Rimbey for the weekend. Should be tons of fun. I am planning on hooking up with Jenn and going to the Farmer's Market in Red Deer on Saturday.... and then Grant comes home! Yay!

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Kacey said...

ahhhh i was missed... speaking of i still have Cohens present in my closet...along with Maceons... Maceon knows one of them is cohens he doesn't know the other one is for him....