Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Cabin - Random things I may or may not be looking forward to.

(this is a view of the cabin from the road. It is right on the lakeshore, and is awesome inside. I am really looking forward to all the changes and progress that has been made this past year. Paved carport, granite countertops, and I think some stuff in the bathroom!)

So we are headed out on our summer vacation tomorrow, and I am excited, and stressed, and anxious, and pumped all at the same time....
Last summer, I loved being at the cabin... it was just getting to the cabin that was less than fun. That said, there are some things I can't wait for, and others that I would just like to forget about.

1. I'm not packed. I have clothes packed, but that is it. No shoes, boots, medications, anything. Not good....

2. We are going alone. Last year we went with Grant's mom and uncle, and although it was awesome to have them there to share in the parenting, and to give us a break every once in while, I am looking forward to having just our family "family time".

3. The drive.................................................... 14 hours is a long long long drive. We are leaving from Calgary tomorrow afternoon, and are planning on staying in Jasper tomorrow night, so we are breaking up the trip a bit.... but still...... 14 hours. Yuck.

4. Before we get to leave, both kids have allergy testing appointments tomorrow. Avery was to be retested for her peanut allergy at 5, and we haven't had Cohen tested, so have decided it is better to know than not..... so, before we head out, we get to have our children poked, prodded, and scratched to see what they don't take kindly to.... I don't take kindly to the poking, prodding, and scratching.

5. The scenery. Northern British Columbia is gorgeous. It is just amazing to look at. But at the same time, I get sad when I see the melting glaciers, and the destruction of the pine beetles. :(

6. Although this is our summer holiday, it isn't a vacation. For me, it is just a different place to sweep the floors, make meals, do laundry, bath kids, etc. I don't think guys get that. I think they think that when you go away it is vacation.... but it isn't. So..... not thrilled about that.....

7. That as soon as we get home, Grant is turning around and heading back to work. I am already bummed about that, and it is still two weeks away. :(

8. There is a scrapbook store close by... Or at least there was last year. Unfortunately, last year the store owner was on holidays the same time we were there, so I am hoping that the store is still open, and she isn't gone!

9. Did I mention that I am happy we will be there alone? I need a break from the insanity that is going on around her.... so I am thrilled it will just be the four of us.

10. Also... did I mention the 14 hour drive?

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