Monday, July 5, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

While camping this past week, Sandersons celebrated Riley's third birthday, and the kids got kites as their "loot bags". The breeze was perfect, and both of my kids had a blast just keeping their kites in the air..... Avery pitched a bit of a fit when the wind died down, but until that point, they were quite happy to hold on to the string of their kites, and just wander around the campsite. They are also both quite a bit braver than I ever was as a kid with my own kite.

I remember never wanting to let the string out too far, for fear that the farther the kite was from me, the more likely it was to be blown away. Logical? Not really, but I never had a kite blow away either. (That may have also been attributed to the fact that if the wind got even the teeniest bit gusty, I would pack it in... but who knows?!)
So, because I am a scrapbooker, and plan every photo I take as one that is worthy of my scrapbook albums, I dragged my kids to the edge of our campsite, and the edge of the cliff so that I would have a decent background, and not a ton of campers and trucks in the background of my picture. Crazy? Maybe, but I am sure we have all done something like that, haven't we?

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