Sunday, November 6, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

I went to Chapters today. It always ends up being a pricey trip. But today I found this cute little elf on the shelf and hoped he might help me keep an eye on the naughty and nice list for my kids until Christmas. If you don't know the concept, he was sent to our house  by Santa to report back to him about how well behaved the kiddos are. Then, every night he flies back to the NorthPole to report to the big guy about the day. The kids named our elf Fiddlebiddle, and he is currently sitting on the mantle watching them. They are both very excited about the prospect of having someone from the North Pole here every day. I am excited that maybe this will help curb the tattling.
I am now just in need of some ideas for things Fiddlebiddle can do while waiting for the kids to wake up each morning. So far, I have come up with crawling out of a box of cereal at breakfast, and swinging from the ceiling fan. I think I might make it into a challenge between Grant and I to see who can be the most creative.

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