Saturday, November 26, 2011

Layout #37 - Happy

I'm not convinced this layout is done. It isn't bumpy enough for me. It came together really quickly with the CTMH kit that I bought at my crop club last year. And the photo works perfectly with the paper. This was taken last August when we were camping with some amazing friends. We went with Mark and Tami and their boys to Little Bow Lake (not to be confused with Little Bow Provincial Park, or Little Bow Reservoir). We camped right across from the water, and the weather was perfect. So that made me happy. So did being with friends who are ALWAYS there, no matter what. We joke that Mark is my second husband whenever Grant is gone, because he is always around if I need "man" help. So that makes me happy too. The happiest? Is when Grant is home, and is my real husband. It is really hard to be a part time single parent, and I have no idea how the real single parents do it. I never could. I just love him to bits and pieces, and count down the days, from the second he leaves, until he is home again.

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