Monday, November 21, 2011

Layout #35 - 15 to go!

I scrapbooked yesterday with my monthly crop club. There are four ladies who are a part of this group who are so fuuny to be around. They have been at other retreats that Tara and I have gone to, and they just make me giggle. They don't hesitate to tell you (or one of their own) what needs to be done better on the page. In fact, I think they said that one of the ladies in their group only had taste in her mouth, and not in her albums. They are comfortable enough with each other to dish out some good natured ribbing, and take it too. I love watching them and eavedropping on their conversations. Other conversations that were overheard, and seem to find their way into every scrapbooking event that I have been at were the good old labor and delivery stories. Why oh why do we, as women, feel the need to one up someone else with our birth stories? Can't we all just agree that having a baby is hard, raising kids is harder, and that we all make mistakes at one time or another... and not have to talk about it at weekend retreats? Just a suggestion. I did meet a couple of really nice girls there, who I hadn't met before. Super cute, super cheerful, and told awesome stories. All in all, a great Sunday, if you ask me!

This is NOT a layout that I did yesterday, but I did get seven done! I got in a school picture zone, and the pages came together really well.
This is from Avery's kindergarten graduation. (I know, right?) The day was a little over the top. There were diplomas, grad hoodies, and awards for each kid. All of this was followed by a meal. When did kindergarten warrant a graduation? Anyhoo, now that I have a kid in school, I am drawn to any academic themed paper. This came from a DCWV glitter pack, and I cut out all of the signs along the left side for a collage. I also included the graduation card that we gave Avery in the back of the layout. It was quick, and that makes me happy!

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