Monday, November 28, 2011

I know how Dorothy felt

It has been a very windy week in Southern Alberta. We have had a couple of days of reprieve, but yesterday was the windiest day of my life! I wish I was exaggerating, but I am not. There were gusts up to 149km/h and I understand a little bit better what life is like for those people who ride out a hurricane! We went for a little drive yesterday, because the power kept going on and off, and the kids needed out of the house. There is a reservoir a couple of kilometers from our house, and the water was literally blowing off the lake. Not just making big waves, but blowing off the water. We were well on top of this hill, and the truck was wet with water that had hit it. The waves were quite big too for a little lake on the prairie. Two or three foot swells won't get you up on a surf board, but surely would have sunk our boat (if we were foolish enough to go out). There was also a thin layer of ice on the lake already, and it was throwing pieces of ice off the water.
Grant was really worried about his empty bins blowing away, but they were all safe and sound. Not the case for the neighbors. This is one of their bins. It turned itself into a missile, and shot itself into another bin. It was bouncing the whole time we drove by, and I am surprised it didn't take off with the other bin attached.
The good news is the wind has died down to non-existent. The bad news is, it is time for cleanup.

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