Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Four Sleeps Until Pinterest Day!

I am so excited for our first PD day.... I went shopping yesterday, and got a bunch of stuff for twelve hours of non-stop crafting! I am going to make a couple of yarn and felt wreaths. I also thought I might make a couple of pillow shams from old sweaters to match the new quilt my mom made me for my birthday. The quilt is lime green, turquoise, brown and white, and I bought a few sweaters at VV boutique yesterday! I am counting the sleeps!
So the picture above is of the colours that I choose for the wreaths... I am loving the orange and turquoise one, but I think the green and brown will go much better with the old fireplace in my living room... So, I guess I have to make at least two. I am also excited to see some ladies there who I haven't seen in months and months. All in all, even if I get nothing accomplished, I will get a day out with the girls, some quality laughs, and some inspiration for the next time!

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