Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Heel tap, shuffle ball change.... and sept lo #2

That's right. Avery has started dance again. She is doing tap this year. And I couldn't be more excited! I think it might have something to do with the fact that I was in tap when I was three, and took it for four years. I loved it. I love the sound of the shoes, and I love how shiny they are. I just love all of it. So far, she is the only one in her class, but that means private lessons! I am impressed with her already. She was able to march in time with her teacher, and learned ball, heel, toe, stamp and stomp. Plus she got to do a little dance at the end. The best part was when she went into the studio and introduced herself to her teacher. She told her that her name was Lightning. yeah. We should do something about that. She is supposed to start preschool next week and I can see her not answer the teacher because she was referred to as Avery.

This is a LO that has needed to be finished for a really long time. It is the last page in the first album of Cohen's first year album(s). Everything about it is old stuff. The cardstock has been around forever, the patterned paper is old, the ghost shapes, silhouettes, ribbon, and brads were all bought for something else. I love that I am using up stuff. However, what I should really be doing is going through my stuff and pulling things I know I will never use. I am going scrapbooking in Blairmore for a weekend in October, and we are setting up a table of stuff to give away. We did this in High River this summer and I got rid of a ton of stuff. Just another way to justify buying more stuff I guess.....

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