Monday, September 29, 2008

because I have nothing else to do.........

So I was at the Creative Stitches and Craft Show with Monday Night Class this weekend, and in the booth next to ours was a girl selling beads. I have wanted to try my hand at beading for a while, so what did I do? Spent too much money on beads. However, I have also made three necklaces, two bracelets for myself, and one for Avery. I like how quickly something nice can come together. I just have to learn some interesting patterns now..... I mean seriously, don't I need something else to occupy my time? All I do now is sell Stampin' Up!, Discovery Toys, design and teach for Monday Night Class, substitute teach, and be a SAHM with a husband in the middle of harvest. So I am sure that I should take on yet another thing to do... Grant said he thought the necklaces were nice, and that he couldn't believe that I was doing something that a six year old would do for fun. That's not nice. ;)

Avery has preschool orientation today. I am excited that she will get a chance to go to preschool this year. Ever since our day home closed, I have been looking for ways to get her back into social situations. I have noticed that her ability to share and take turns has taken a very dramatic turn into nonexistence. I am only going to send her one day a week. She is only three, after all. But it will be nice to have a break and spend some time with just Cohen once a week. The best part is a neighbor and I have decided to alternate trips to town to take the kids, so that will be helpful in the driving and gas department.

And that is it... I think. For now anyway. What I should really be trying to do is going back to sleep. Everyone here is sleeping except me. I spent the night tossing and turning, so I finally got up at 5:30. WAY too early! It is still dark for crying out loud.

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Haley Marie Ross said...

I know you have lots of time, so can you please make me something. Thanks :)