Monday, September 8, 2008

Sept Layout #1

I can't believe how quickly this page came together. I just bought this Rusty Pickle paper on Saturday, and I have already used it up! I bought it with this picture in mind. I knew I needed something red and blue, and I saw this. I did have to get past all the red, white and blue and patriotism on it, and once I di d, I realized that Cohen's suckies have stars and swirls on them too, so how perfect??!!??

The picture itself cracks me up. Both of my kids have had soothers, and much to my dismay, Cohen is really attached to his...obviously. Anyhoo, this day, he was crawling around and found one of the soothers that I couldn't find. He somehow crammed both in his mouth, and got my attention. He was so very proud of himself.
As for old stuff on this page... I used old cardstock, old star chipboard, and old Basic Grey chipboard alphabets.

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