Sunday, September 7, 2008

I hate dial up

I don't know how I ever get anything done online. Seriously. Living in the country is so bad for my picture looking, uploading, downloading habits... We can't get high speed from any of the rural providers because no one has a tower close enough to us. Nice.
anyhoo, I finished another MNC kit this afternoon. I like how it turned out, because there was a moment when I was cursing Christy for giving me this paper (even though I asked for it specifically ;) It is the Cosmo Cricket Jack's World line, and I think it will work really well for any of those school days pictures that are lying around.

I was also at Scrapbooker's Paradise yesterday and WAHOOOOOO!!!!! Chatterbox is back, and better if I do say so. I used to be the world's largest Chatterbox addict. I had every room, and all the tacks, and snaps to go with every sheet of paper for every room. I even had all the Chatterbox books full of Chatterbox layouts. And their albums..... LOVE them!! I love how big the page protectors are, and the suede... anyhoo. Let's just say, that as time went on, I became a little disenchanted with them. Everything started to look the same, and looked boring and uninspired. Well.... not anymore! I bought some of the cutest paper and chipboard glittery embellishments and brads yesterday! I can't wait to use it.

Yesterday was also the day that Grant decided it was time to get Cohen's hair cut. I wasn't too keen on the whole thing. I didn't think it was actually that long, and with the exception of what I affectionately called his anti-tails (because the back sides of his hair were longer than the middle back) I didn't think anything needed to be cut. I was vetoed. Grant and his mom have been mentioning a hair cut for months, so I told Grant that if we could make an appointment at Beaner's for either 11:30 or 12:30 I would go along with it. (I was fully expecting it to be impossible to just say a time and get in...) so 11:30 it was. He was really good through the whole thing, and we chopped about an inch off, and it is still quite long, so I guess he really was due.
This is the before. Doesn't he look like he just wants to take off and get into trouble?
This is the during. Please don't comment on the pink Jeep. We had no other choice. Besides...don't real men wear, and get their hair cut in pink?
This was the after shot. Isn't he cute? A little gel... and look out ladies.

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Martha said...

I hear ya on the dial up. We live just outside of High River, like 5 minutes, but we are stuck with dial up. So frustrating.

Hope all is well with you.