Monday, September 1, 2008

so much going on...

I'm not gonna lie... even to make Haley feel better about not making the concert. Oasis was amazing. I love when you see a live show, and they sound better than their CDs. They were amazingly good. Sang great songs, kept the crowd engaged. It was one of the better shows I have seen. I can honestly say that Oasis has always been one of my real favorite bands, and they have always been one I want to see. I can check that off the list!

So Avery has been on the biggest "CARS" kick lately. I mean, she loved it before, but her obsession has honestly reached epic proportions. She won't answer us unless we address her as Lightning, and now she talks "Cars" meaning that she quotes the movie every chance she gets. Last night she was coming home from Grant's mom's house and Grant asked if she had fun at Grandma's. Her answer was, "Livin' the dream Mater boy." Hilarious. and a little annoying. I can't convince her to watch or do anything else. It is CARS 24/7.

I also can't stop watching CNN. I am waiting for something as horrible as Katrina to happen and hope and pray that it doesn't. I have an aunt and uncle who live in Luling, just outside of New Orleans. They are in Red Deer right now, so evacuation wasn't an issue for them, but it was for my uncle's son and grandson. I hate hurricane season, yet for some reason, can't stop watching it on the news. I hope that there is minimal loss of life, and that people have the chance to return home soon.

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