Saturday, August 30, 2008

I am not a pickler... I am a scrapbooker.

I am becoming accutely aware of what is a talent of mine, and what isn't. Pickling isn't a talent. I have had to reseal over half of my jars...twice. I don't have patience. I want them to seal immediately, and whenever one of Tara's would pop, a little bit of me was jealous. Is that weird? So this is the third year that Tara and I have made pickles. It was super hard to find pickling cucumbers though. I only was able to get my hands on 15 pounds of pickles. There was too much hail this year. So to make up for it, I also pickled some carrots from my garden. The dill was mine too! So I guess I can't make the pickles, but I can grow the dill for them. Some compromise.

So if pickling isn't a talent, maybe scrapbooking is? I think I might be better at it than

pickling...which isn't saying much. This layout is done with my new fave... Sassafras Lass. Too pretty to cover up, so I didn't really. But I did use a ton of stickles. I think I love stickles. And I love the MM tiny alphas. So the only new thing about this layout was the paper. Old buttons, flowers, alphabet stickers, and thickers. yay!

OASIS!!! I am going to Oasis tonight! I can't wait. I have loved these guys forever. Since my high school days at least. I never thought I would have the chance to see them, and tonight is the night. I only wish that Grant was able to come with me. He also likes them...he even liked them before I had a chance to improve his taste in music. A redeeming quality because he used to listen almost exclusively to country and heavy metal. How did Oasis fit in there? anyhoo, he has volunteered to stay home with the kids tonight because... being the long weekend and all, there weren't too many sitters available. I am really excited to have a night out, but I really need to try to have one with him soon.

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