Friday, August 15, 2008

Three Year Old Wisdom

I was taking the kids to Okotoks today to buy groceries and stuff, and Avery pipes up with this little gem, "When you have a friend, you look at them, and they look at you. That is how you know you are friends." Huh??? I just giggled. She always has these little insights and I know I should really be writing them down a little more faithfully, but for now, I will just remember to look at my friends, and to see if they look at me. ;)

So I have been moderately scrapbook busy. This first layout is so CASEd from one in the August Scrapbook Trends mag, but I had the paper sitting in my room forever without any clue what to do with it... so I copied it all. (And I used old stuff - the precious rub on has been with me for over three years!)

This paper is so cool. WUBE. Huh??? That is what it is called. I bought a ton of it when I went shopping in Drayton Valley. The girl at the store I got it said the company no longer is in business, which sucks because the paper rocks, and it was CHEAP! Anyhoo, I stocked up on it. I think it works perfectly for this layout of Cohen's birthday cake. (old stuff - the title are letters left over from a layout from last summer, old ribbon, scrap cardstock. yay me!)

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