Friday, August 22, 2008

good friends, good food, good fun

You know when things just fall into place? That happened last night. We had a great night with our friends Mark and Tami and their two boys.

The weather has finally cooled off here, so that means we can eat something besides BBQ and fruit salad. So I decided to make Grant's new favorite; Shepard's Pie for supper. Mark was here baling, and Grant had promised their son John a ride on the combine, so Tami came out with the boys later in the afternoon. Well, the skies opened up, and the rain fell, and instead of Mark and Tami leaving, they stayed for supper. The kids played, and danced, and picked at each other, and us adults had some really good adult conversation! I miss that some days. We laughed at Grant's "jokes", Riley's dance moves, and Avery's rendition of "Mr. Sun". It was a lot of fun. I wish it happened more often.
The sad thing is, the rain didn't stop, so that means that Grant will have to wait at least a day, (and probably more) to get back out in the field. (The good thing is, I have a hair appointment today, and don't have to cancel because he won't be here to watch the kids!)
So, like father like son. Riley and Cohen were entertained for a long time with two beer cans. The funny thing is, Cohen took the Kokanne can, and Riley took the Pilsner. Just like their daddies.

Avery and John get along really well. That is until John decides to play trains... then the yelling begins. These two had fun playing hide and seek, and dress up yesterday. I hope that as they get older, they will continue to be really good friends.

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