Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finally added a picture...

So I finally added a picture to this MNC kit that has been done forever. I think I didn't want to put a picture on until I had all the milestones met. Whatever. The layout is no longer sitting in my album waiting for something.
Now I just need to go and take some pictures for my August calendar layout! Ooops!
I hope that I can get both kids to sleep at the same time today, because all of a sudden, am I feeling like I might be back in scrapbook mode.....That is if I can tear myself away from all of the books that I have been reading.
I finished Breaking Dawn last week, and am so sad that that saga is over. I needed something completely different from vampires, so I am now reading Under the Banner of Heaven, and then I have The Last Lecture lined up.
That should take me into next week, and then I don't know what. Maybe books will be what I ask for for my birthday...

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