Friday, August 1, 2008

Couldn't have done it if we tried.

So, in November of last year, we took a family trip to Great Falls. The dollar was good, and the scrapbook store was fully stocked..
We also bought tires for my Tahoe. Well, one of those tires is a dud. I have had more flat tires with that one tire, than ever before in my life.
Needless to say, Grant called the place we bought them and they said that we still had warranty on them and to come back. So his mom offered to take the kids, and we could run down there for the day. Grant wasn't too pumped about the idea, so I suggested that Tara come with me. She had suggested earlier in the week that we go for a weekend, so I thought it couldn't hurt.
By the time we had left swimming lessons this morning, there was another girl coming with us, and I just got a phone call, that a fourth will jump in for a mini shopping spree.

Seriously. If we were trying to organize a shopping trip to Calgary for the day, it would never happen, but somehow, in a matter of hours, we are leaving the country instead.

The crappy thing is we can't spend any money without paying duty... but whatever. I'm going to Great Falls!

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