Sunday, August 17, 2008

Does a kit count?

This is my take on the Monday Night Class September calendar page. I somehow got page extenders for the next three months, so I was on my own for the second page. This is one of the more labor intensive calendar layouts I have done. It took me a little over two hours to complete, which isn't too bad for a two page layout. I plan on filling it with pictures of everything we accomplish this fall, with harvest hopefully being the first thing we accomplish. I would love for this year to be quick and speedy, and prosperous. So far we haven't encountered the same hardships that neighbors have so, here's hoping!
I also think I am going to enroll Avery in preschool for one day a week. Ever since her dayhome closed, I have noticed that she is really lacking in the "sharing, and taking turns, and not bossing others around" department. So maybe a little back to school shopping is in order.
TFL. I hope to do something of my own tomorrow. But I also have October and November kits to complete so...

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