Tuesday, August 26, 2008


so it has been a few days, and a few things have happened. The good thing is Grant got his winter wheat off before the rain came, off and already hauled. That is really good news. Now we just need it to dry up so he can swath all the rest of the crops... He wants to go away for a few days so that he doesn't sit and stew until it is ready to swath. I was thinking Fairmont....???!!!
I was my birthday on Sunday. Uneventful considering I have a birthday that happens to be during harvest. It is either that, or Grant is away at work. Seems that I have spent many of the last birthdays alone (or with the kids...) Avery was really disappointed. She couldn't understand why there was no cake, no balloons, no presents... She came to the conclusion that it really wasn't my birthday.

I managed to get both kids out into the field to take some pictures by the bales before Mark hauls them to their place. Cohen was very cooperative. Avery... not so much. All I needed was for her to look at the camera, and just look happy - I wasn't even asking for a smile! Needless to say... this is the best of the worst. The worst being all the rest. If I get out there again, I will probably take pictures of them separately, but if not, this will have to do.

I had an epicure party last night, and boy did we have fun. Who knew that veggie dips and salsa could be so much fun??? Or maybe it was the pomegranate martinis. They were so good. I knew I kept my "practically best friend" around for a reason... it was her recipe! (and a really good one!)

Anyhoo, this layout is one I have had in my project pile. It was Cohen's first trip to the zoo...the trip where he slept for the majority of the day... I struggled with the Maya Road family. I wish they didn't have holes in their heads for the chain to hold them together. Anyway, this is what I was able to accomplish today while the kids slept. Hopefully I will get to do another layout tomorrow. I am feeling the crunch. I was done Avery's first year album when she was 14 months old. Cohen will be that in two weeks, and I am not even close.

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kaly said...

I like your blend of patterned paper! And the way you've corner rounded you side pictures. Very framed.

And Happy Birthday, btw. Too bad it was such a bummer. Next year, your friends should throw you a big party! Who needs a husband to have a party?