Thursday, September 4, 2008

not going back...

So it was the first day of school on Tuesday, and 99.9% of me didn't miss it. I didn't miss cutting my summer holidays short to return to school to plan for the upcoming year, I didn't miss having to attend "Rah Rah" day (as it is affectionately known in my district), I didn't miss having to go to the first staff meeting of the year...but a teeny tiny part of me did miss assigning lockers, making a seating plan, and passing out textbooks. Weird huh?
So I was so excited when I got to sub this morning. It was fun. I couldn't believe that I got to be there on the third day of school, and what is more exciting... I get to go back tomorrow!! Who would have thought that I would already have subbed twice, and school has only been in for four days...

So I miss being there. That is obvious. But what isn't as obvious to me is what to do about it. I resigned for a reason right? I WANTED to stay home with my kids, I didn't want to be spending 7 hours a day with someone else's when I could be with mine. So when I heard that they still hadn't hired a preschool teacher, I thought I should apply.

Now that I have mulled it over... I think I need to mull it a little more.
I need to look at the Pros and Cons of going back. (And this is assuming that I would even get the job, which isn't a certainty.)
So... the pros.
  • income
  • part time - two full days instead of four mornings
  • break from home
  • back at the school I love
  • not as structured as "real" school - no marking
and now the cons.
  • no childcare for Cohen that I know of
  • less chance for subbing
  • teaching my friends' kids
  • not a break from both kids because Avery would be in preschool
  • am already busy with SRSCo and Monday Night Class, and, oh yeah, being a mom...
UGH. I wish there was a way to do everything I love, and not have to sacrifice something else that I love. I left teaching because I couldn't devote the time I felt was necessary to all the outside of school things that teachers do in addition to everything they do at school, and I wasn't getting enough time with my kids...

So... I know I know the answer. I know I should leave well enough alone, and stay home. So there. I guess that was me mulling it over, and the decision is easier than I thought.?.?.?

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kaly said...

Good for you, Kim. I don't even have kids (yet) and I've already started cutting back my hours so that it won't be a shock when I cut back altogether when kids do come. It's hard though, because you do want to still do all the things you love.