Tuesday, September 23, 2008

so much going on... good and bad.

well, the good news is they finally found my neighbor. By they, I mean another neighbor who is a part of the local volunteer fire department. Grant and Ryan (who works for us) were also out there today. I am glad they found her. I wish she would have been alive, but I knew that wasn't very likely considering how long it has been. Needless to say, the family will now have the closure that they need.

On Saturday was the Visions of Vulcan photo contest. It was a neat idea. Every entrant got a disposable camera (to keep things even) and a day to take 27 pictures. I tried to think of some interesting things in our area to photograph. These are some things that I took with my own camera. (I kind of cheated and took my DSLR and shot what I wanted to first, and then pulled out the disposable one...) These were taken down at the train bridge in Carmangay. I also took some of the kids around the barn, and in the yard. I don't expect to win, but it was a really fun way to spend the day!

(I can't get rid of the second train bridge pic)

tonite is my first class at Sheep River Scrapbook Co. I am teaching a Monday Night Class kit I designed. I am nervous. I don't know why. I am a teacher after all... and a scrapbooker. so it should naturally flow, right??? we'll see. If you never hear from me again, I was humilated and took off ;)

I have been working my little Monday Night Class tushy off. I am designing exclusive kits for the Okotoks store, and also now for Scrapbook Pantry in Calgary. Exciting, and a little nerve wracking. I hope I am up for all of this!

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Kacey said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbour.

Congrats on the super star scrapbookingness (is that a word)
Good for you for steping up! Complete seriousness GOOD for you!