Thursday, December 11, 2008

28 loads of laundry

That is how many loads of laundry a sick 16 month old can generate. Cohen started puking last Saturday. 16 times that night. And it hasn't let up. I am exhausted. I haven't slept a full night in over a week. And I am so very scared. I have been to the ER in Vulcan twice in the last week, and there is a reason why I doctor in Lethbridge. That said, I am taking him to our family doctor tomorrow morning. I know there is a flu going around, but I think that this isn't a flu. I was sick too, but I am already over it. And I haven't heard of a flu that lasts six days. Why does shit always hit the fan when Grant leaves? Seriously. I would like to boast about being a strong, independent woman, but I am not. And I am really not when I have a sick little man who is dropping weight like crazy. I hope that this will all be resolved tomorrow, but I have no idea how. He has no fever, no ear or throat infection, no obvious stomach pain..... Please let this end.

So I haven't been blogging lately and that is why.

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