Monday, December 15, 2008

finally over it... hopefully

so I think that cohen is better. I think. We were given antibiotics and he seems to like them. I don't blame him. On the advice of Haley, I tasted some. It is yummy. so despite him throwing up again last night, I think we are on the mend. That makes me happy because I am to get at least one full night's sleep before Grant comes home.
the other good thing about him feeling better is that I can hopefully get some more scrapbooking done. I am making SU! calendars for Avery's teacher and teacher assistant, but they still aren't here and her last day is Wednesday, so I need all the time I can get!
I made this little daytimer for my friend Kathy. (sorry the pic is crap. I didn't want to use my flash because of the cover, and I was too lazy to find my tripod...) She is the most go-getter, busy gal I know. I swear our little community would fall apart if she didn't live in it. She is amazing. That said, this all of a sudden seems rather inadequate. Perhaps a stop at Finishing Touches would add the finishing touch. I made one for myself a couple of years ago at the Bloomin' Inn and used it all the time, so of course, after making hers, I made one for myself. It is blue and brown. I used the Basic Grey Offbeat line for mine, and the Basic Grey Recess line for Kathy's. I also liked that I only used scrap paper for them. I will save the planet, one reused project at a time!

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