Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another year comes to an end

so this is it for 2008. I was just thinking about the whole brew ha ha with Y2K and how long ago that seems now. My life is so very different from the New Year's that i celebrated to bring in the new millenium. then I was in Banff with Grant and Ryan and his then girlfriend Caralyn. We had so much fun, and really rung in the new year! We didn't make it to bed until the wee hours, and then we went out again the next night.
This year, as with the past four or five New Year's I am spending a quiet night at home with Grant and the kids. We did have plans to go to the Ramada in Lethbridge with the kids and Mark and Tami and the boys, but those fell through. That's okay. I am so super tired and didn't really want to be seen in a bathing suit next to Tami. (Damn skinny bitch!) ;)
So this means that I need to think about resolutions. and I have. In fact, I have three already. The first is to do something with all of my scraps. I have a huge bin that is home to a whole bunch of paper, but there is no rhyme or reason to this system, so I want to figure out a good one. (I spent a good chunk of the day re-organizing how I sort my paper. I went from "by color" to "by manufacturer" I think I will like this better.) My second resolution is to drink a whole lot more water in a day. I don't drink nearly enough and i really think it might help the disgusting dark circles under my eyes, (that and a good night's sleep...) and the third one that I have come up with is to find a little more patience when dealing with Avery and Cohen. I find that I snap a little too easily these days, and I don't want to be that mom.
so, we'll see. I did pretty good with my resolution from last year to go greener around our house, so I hope to be as successful with these.

Happy New Year.

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