Monday, December 8, 2008

I feel like Oprah

but on a much smaller scale.
Christmas is all about the giving. We all know that. But this year, I have never felt as good about the giving that I am doing. I just finished the orders for the preschool fundraiser, and the orders combined with my commission added up to over $300 in free toys! I am so excited for them. I can't wait for the preschool to have some toys and activities of their own, and to no longer need to rely on the kindergarten for things. Avery is especially excited because the teacher asked her to pick out what to get. It wasn't hard... we had enough money to get just about everything that is still available from the preschool section of the catalog! I am soooooo excited.
As for the other part of the giving... we have some very good friends who have excellent taste. Every year they buy Grant and I something wonderful for Christmas and we always feel inadequate, because our taste isn't as exquisite... so this year, we decided to embrace the inadequacies. We are getting them a basket full of not necessarily useless, but also not always useful stuff. The limit we set for ourselves is $20, and everything has to be bought, or free. So we have the following for the basket thus far.... a toilet plunger, coin rolls, a hot pink candlestick, a book about the legacy of Peter Lougheed, an uncut key, replacement Christmas lights, and an inflation kit. I am so very excited to give this gift too...
Ah, the holiday season... I love it.

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Kacey said...

well thats just so offensive i can't believe you blog like hope your doing well!