Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Casino Layout #1

I worked a casino last night in Lethbridge. The last few times I worked, I was terribly bored and complained that I should have brought my scrapbooking. This time I did. I accomplished three layouts between all of my chip running! And not only did I get some scrapbooking done, but I also made it home alive. The roads were the worst that I think I have ever driven on. Absolutely brutal. I think my top speed was 80km/h, and that was on the last kilometer home. Talk about white knuckles!

Ever since the first snow, Avery has been dying to make snow angels. The problem is that it has just been too cold to go outside, even for the brief time it takes to make an age. When we were at my parent's over Christmas, we went sledding out the back yard where they have a great hill for kids. Avery made a million (at least it felt like it) angels all over the soccer fields. This is simple, and used up some of my left over Figgy Pudding paper from last year. Why I didn't use some of the Christmas paper I bought this year, I will never know.


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