Monday, February 23, 2009

10 Randoms..... A day late, but only to make Jesse and Haley look good.....

So the weekend was great. Not a lot of layouts done, but lots of talking, and laughing, and eating, and eating.... It doesn't get much better than that.
So here is my list of things that are just a reflection on the weekend that was...

1. It doesn't matter how many layouts you accomplish. What matters is that you are getting to have a little "me" time, you are having adult conversation, and laughing at everything and nothing in particular.

2. The weekend seemed a little too quiet without Tara there hurling insults at me. Everyone thought that. Not just me, btw.

3. Knocking on a closed bathroom door is polite. Listening to see if anyone answers from the other side is politer.

4. Don't fight the little blue pills. They will make you halucinate.

5. Jesse is a really good singer. At least that is what she tells me. (And if she wasn't as good as she tells me she is, then I won't have to ask others to play their music..... wait a second...)

6. I am very happy for my friend Christie and her growing family.

7. Going to bed early (1:30) is NOT a bad thing. Not that 1:30 is early... but it is for me.

8. It is amazing how a break doesn't feel like one minutes after you get home, and the kids are already on you for supper, snack, bath, etc.

9. There is the potential for me to move out of the PBF position because Christie willingly gave up the BFF position to me. And sometimes you need to talk to someone that many times a day......

10. I love going there, but I think one can only eat Taco Salad so many times in a year. Don't get me wrong. I love beef, but I don't love it four meals worth.....

So, that is it. Another Bloomin' Inn weekend has come and gone. It was great, I got a few things done, and will post them later. For now, i need to go and get a little caught up on laundry and get ready for my Epicure party tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Bahaha made me laugh out loud!!! You are truly one of a kind Kim!!!

Haley Marie Ross said...

No mention of Little Mermaid Appreciation weekend?