Monday, February 9, 2009

some older layouts... (59, 60)

Haley told me that I can't scrapbook until we go to the Bloomin' Inn next weekend. She is right. I don't have a ton to do, and I if I did some here, I would really have very little to do there. So, instead of maintaining a boring blog...she said I could post some older ones..... That said, I am not sure that the Our Happy Family one will count.....I designed the layout as a kit for MNC, but I have also added photos to it..... so, I think it counts. I am sure there will be some feedback from my non-supporters..... ;)


Kitchen Utensil said...

yes that counts - if it fills your album it counts!

Haley Marie Ross said...

Yes it counts! See, Tara & I are very reasonable "non-supporters". Ve-ry reasonable.