Monday, February 2, 2009

10 Randoms... a day late.

So I have already not been able to keep up with the 10 Randoms Sunday..... I guess I forgot that yesterday was Sunday...
So today I am going to make a list of 10 wickedly random tidbits....

1. I bit my nails. I hate that I do, but I do.
2. I obsess over my weight, and money, every single day of my life. I am surprised I don't have an ulcer yet.
3. I really, really, really miss eating peanut butter for breakfast every day.
4. I love meat. But only beef and chicken, and sometimes pork (but rarely). I would never make it as a vegetarian... Never.
5. I drink a Pepsi every day. Just one, but every day.
6. My favorite, favorite, favorite show is The Office. I wish I worked in a place like Dunder Mifflin, Scranton.
7. I miss my Grammie Collis terribly. I don't think a day goes by that she doesn't cross my mind. I wish I would have told her how much she meant to me when she was alive. I know it sounds cliche-ish, but it is true.
8. My albums are my most prized possession.
9. A teeny, tiny part of me regrets having kids when we did. I guess I didn't realize HOW much of a committment they were. Sometimes I wish I could have travelled more, taught overseas, and done whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.....
10. That said, every day, one, or both does something to make me smile, laugh, or love them even more. Next to Grant, they are what I love most in the whole wide world.....

Okay. So a day late, but done.


Kitchen Utensil said...

love it! can i join your sunday group!?!?

Martha said...

That was great!