Monday, June 15, 2009


So, Haley was going to do shout outs. I am going to one up her. I am going to do "HOLLA!"s. Just a little hey hey to some people who made the previous week fun, interesting, or whatever.
So - Holla! Haley. We had a fantastic time at the birthday party yesterday. It was great. Really great. Thanks for the invite.

Holla! Wendy. For selling me a new body for my camera at a wicked wicked awesome deal. I love it.

Holla! MNC. The Scraptacular was scraptastic!

Holla! Cohen. For learning to say "peace out", and "ah man!". Makes me giggle every time.

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Cindy said...

Kim, I love my new blog design!!!!!!!!!!!! I was working on a post when suddenly the whole screen changed color and things started to happen, I mean HAPPEN! It was kind of a cool feeling knowing that both you and I were sitting at our computers, working on the same project. It looks so much better!!! Thanks for the help, Love ya! Cindy