Tuesday, June 2, 2009


There are two things about my body I like. One is my eyelashes, and the other is my hair. I have great long lashes. I am quite pleased with them. The other thing I love (most days) is my hair. I like that I have a cut that allows me to do it in less time than it takes me shave my legs.... wash, dry, product, done. That's it. I also like that I have a new hairdresser who will just cut it, and not make me think about it. I hate having to come up with a style. I don't tell the dentist which teeth to look at, or tell the garbage man which bag should be taken, so why should I have to tell my hairdresser what to do with my hair? needless to say, Kacey is now that girl for me. Anyhoo, a while back I cut my own hair because I was too impatient to wait for it to grow to allow me to have an asymmetrical cut. So, Kacey fixed it for me. And I have been going to her ever since. Today, she put some tinsel in my hair. It is some crazy thing that is huge in Asia... and she is the only one around here that can do it. So... today I drove to High River so she could bling out Avery and myself. You can't really see it in this photo, but it is sparkly, and I love it. This picture is here to explain the next picture. The other day, my sister Nicole said,"You realize that is the same hair cut you had in grade eight." My reply was, "Not exactly." And then I looked in my high school photo albums, and found the following picture. I would like to defend myself by saying, I have no idea what these pictures were for, and I have no idea where I got lipstick like that, or for that matter, that fugly top. Anyhoo, with a few minor alterations, apparently I do have the same hair cut... So either I was way ahead of my time in 1989, or I am way behind the times today.


Carol T said...

If that was the same haircut, I would kick your ass. Your new one is so much better than that!
Don't you love the hair tinsel?

catpoo said...

OMG! I swear I saw that photo during the beginning of 'Growing Pains'...or was it 'Facts of Life'??? Love It!

Kacey said...

LOL...... Not sure if i should be touched or LMAO and Offended....But either way trends come back around with a slightly different spin. Hello didn't you even make your own bell bottoms by putting that extra material in them?