Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Life's Work

A while ago i posted a status update on facebook saying that I wanted to make seeing Coldplay in concert my life's work. A couple of days later a friend of mine told me they were touring Canada, and more specifically, they would be in Calgary. I immediately set to work to get myself tickets. Do you know how hard it was to get tickets? They sold out in seconds. Seriously. Can you imagine being that popular that not only will people pay to see you, but pay big amounts of money, and that tens of thousands will do it all at once??? Amazing.
Anyhoo, the other day I got an email reminder about the concert, and I was thrilled to see that Snow Patrol is opening for Coldplay! They are another band that I would have liked to go and see... and what do you know??
So, tonight, my dear friend Haley and I are going to have a delicious supper, and then sing at the top of our lungs..... and then not have voices tomorrow. I love that I have a friend who enjoys concerts as much as I do. And, convieniently likes the same music as well.....
Ahhh Coldplay.

Avery just asked me what I was doing today. I told her I was going to a concert, and she asked if I was "doing" it. I said, no, I was going to listen to someone else sing. She then said, "then when they are done, you can sing. And you can go in the front." Ahhhh

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